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HeavyloadWill try to stress all resources of a PC in order to test, if it will run reliable under heavy load

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Tester |checker |resource |Verifier |stress |CPU Benchmark |  
SpeedItUp Extreme - Free Speed BoosterSpeed It Up EXtreme is an all in one Speed Booster designed to significantly increase the speed of your computer and boost your PC available memory. Making your computer run much faster. Some users re

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S10-300 |300 screensaver |be-300 |internet speed booster |  
WinSpeedUpEnables you to adjust Windows according to your needs and therefore, you might accelerate your internet connection

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optimize |accelerate access |accelerate |windows optimizer |  
MemOptimizerWill prevent crashes and improve your system's performance by freeing up unused RAM

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Performance |optimize |memory |memory monitor |Memory Optimizer |  
Smart PC DemoSmart PC makes your PC faster, error-free and more efficient! Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft

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PC otimizer |PC |PC information tool |protect PC |  
Microsoft Windows Live OneCareMicrosoft Windows Live OneCare is a comprehensive and integrated PC health service...

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Live OneCare |OneCare |OneCare Firewall Repair |  
System AnalyserView extensive information about your hardware

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Analyze |system |system information |System Info |  
12Ghosts JumpRegBookmark and jump to registry keys with one click

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registry |bookmark |regedit |bookmark registry |registry keys |  
Easy XP ManagerGet access to hidden options of Windows XP to optimize, tweak, and tune up ...

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optimize |system tweak |XP Manager |tweaker |booster |  
RESTrick Control PanelA specially designed utility allowing quickly setup many Windows settings and restrictions

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Setup |restrict |configuration |access restriction |  

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